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Analyze all kinds of customer feedback with AI-powered thematic clustering, summarization, and sentiment analysis. Start your exclusive 30-day free trial today.

The flexible research platform for:

Catch every moment of feedback

From customer interviews to NPS feedback, never miss a key insight.

Upload, transcribe and store your customer data from any text, video or spreadsheet format, wherever you work.

Integrates with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

ux diary study tool

Get to insights faster with effortless workflows

Find key themes within data by tagging, grouping and affinity mapping with your team in one platform that scales with your research.

Identify sentiment with machine learning that automatically tags sentences for you in over 12 different languages.

Bring your team face-to-face with customers

Align stakeholders around the most important problems to solve with auto-generated highlight reels and beautiful insight reports.

Share reports wherever your team works with powerful integrations (Notion, Slack, Confluence, Drive and more).

ux diary study tool

All your customer insights in one place

Qualitative data can be messy. Bring structure by housing your customer data in one repository.

Link every piece of evidence back to raw data and video highlights.

Find what you need, when you need it with global search across all your projects.

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Power features

Accurate transcripts

An advanced speech engine for reliable transcripts across topics, industries, and accents.

Structured data

Create custom fields to organize data by key attributes like name, age, and more.


Import content from Google Drive and Zoom, and embed Figma, Miro, and more.

Sentiment analysis

Machine learning automatically tags sentences for you in over 12 different languages.

Tag boards

Evolve your tags as you analyze with controls like copy, move, and merge.

Project templates

Standardize how you conduct customer interviews, usability testing, and more.

Access control

Control who can manage, view, and edit projects with granular project permissions.

Flexible editor

Tell a compelling narrative with multi-column layouts, videos, images, and sticky notes.

Unlimited viewers

Invite unlimited stakeholders to consume your customer insights at no extra cost (on some plans).

For researchers, PMs, designers, and everyone in between

Start with a template and modify it however you need.

“Keeps research super organized and helps me work more efficiently”

With Dovetail, Kickstarter was able to automate manual tasks like the video transcription process and speed up other tasks like tagging and finding themes. The structured workflow cultivated more direction on tagging and extracting quality insights. Now there’s an intuitive, speedy, and organized tool that new starters find easy to learn and follow, empowering them to contribute from day one. Kickstarter has found that the tool encourages the team to conduct more prosperous and reliable research than they would without it.